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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

You are so lucky you're getting this update.

Truly, the only reason for it is that I decided to get up rather than wake up every thirty minutes after dreaming of every possible thing that could go wrong today; don't you love nights like that?

My supervisor has fallen ill, which has caused an enormous responsibility to fall right into my little lap. Not that I mind that - I love huge responsibilities and the chance to shine - but this is a bit different. I am responsible for all of the equipment that runs our very intricate video conferencing equipment for two state-wide conferences/training classes that are being held today and tomorrow. My supervisor is the one who coordinated the set-up and told them how he wanted everything set up. Since they only completed this job the week before he fell ill, he had no time to show me any of it.

I spent all of yesterday teaching myself what the myriad of buttons and control panels and shiny boxes did, and testing the equipment against our satellite sites. I am going in early today for last-minute tests, but the fact remains that, when it comes to such things, all the testing in the world doesn't mean something still can't break or not work. Last night I dreamed of every possible piece of equipment breaking - first it was that the sound wouldn't work; I woke up and went back to sleep only to then dream the CSU DSU went out at our New Orleans site. I fell back asleep and dreamt that the laptop used for Powerpoint presentations went kaput. The entire night was like this.

I suppose the reason for my worries is that I've been told "this is all on you" and if "ANYTHING goes wrong" the #1 claims he will be "very pissed off". I believe he doubted my ability because he felt the need to threaten me with this yesterday morning. I wasn't daunted (though I'd already sweated through my nice blouse) and calmly told him, "It won't be perfect - I can't promise perfect - but it will be the absolute best I can make it." I figure, if I give it my all (and I am) and that isn't good enough, then it isn't my problem. However by the end of yesterday he seemed perfectly pleased with my endeavours, since he thanked my profusely and hugged me. Yes, these seminars are that big a deal.

Well, I'm sure that bored you all to tears, but I wanted to let you know that you likely won't hear from me for the next few days and that is why. And if you know any make-all-equipment-work-perfectly mojo or spells, I also would be appreciative if you'd send those my way; just trying to cover all of the bases.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 4:12 AM

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