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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I'm sick and therefore behind on the next big bitch about stupid and/or talentless people, so until I can return I urge you to go and sign this:

The Stop Ashlee Simpson Petition.

Do something for your fellow man, creativity and true Art. Do it for me. Do it just because, admit it, it's freakin' funny. Or maybe because, as one of my favorite petition-signers so eloquently said:

As a dear friend stated, I've heard cats f*c# with more harmony...


And for those of that think Ashlee is "talented" because she writes her own songs, let me leave you with the first four lines of her hit "La La":

You can dress me up in diamonds
You can dress me up in dirt
You can throw me like a line-man
I like it better when it hurts

You can throw me like a line-man?

But, wait, there are other songs on the album.

From "Better Off":
The sky is falling
And it's early in the morning
But it's ok somehow
I spilt my coffee, it went
All over your clothes
I gotta wear mine now

Ashlee, give it up.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 3:48 PM

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