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Monday, February 21, 2005

No, no, really I do still exist. Gods I have been fucking busy. I'm braindead because of it - I've been meaning to come here and post but I can never think of anything to say!

Let's do the random bit; haven't done that in awhile.

Random Thoughts by a Busy, Braindead Chick

Baret and I have been watching way too much Aqua Teen Hunger Force lately. My tolerance for stupidity grows thinner every day. I miss my Nine Inch Nails "Pretty Hate Machine" CD - it was one of the ones that got thrown out when my car was stolen. Baret's 30th birthday was last week and I've been so busy that I didn't even plan anything really special for him; therefore, I suck. I got a dozen red roses and a dozen colored tulips for Valentine's Day - which makes me suck even more for not doing something special for his birthday. I recently purchased a keychain with Brian, the dog from The Family Guy on it. This will be the second keychain I've had with a dog on it - the first was Courage, the Cowardly Dog. I'm not really a dog person. I've really got to get some work done to my ouroborus tattoo. I got mentioned on the H.O.P.E. site and that was awesome. My writing has actually got a lot of attention in the last year, speaking of...a piece I did on cutting was going in a college "self-help" pamphlet and I got published for the first time ever. I'm thinking of taking up freelance writing. Isadora Duncan is someone I admire and respect a great deal. It keeps threatening rain outside, but it won't; who knew Mother Nature was such a tease? The kind of man that adorns the front of a hand-made card for me with the word "Sophia" is the kind of man I want to marry. I hate Mondays. I think I want to start using the words "lingual" and "jocular" more often. I now love black tea and drink it 2-3 x's day. I'm afraid of stickers, receipt paper and wet paper; if you make fun of me because of this I'll cut you. I've learned that it is not good to let your friends know of these types of fears; if anyone will exploit a fear to get a good laugh, it is your friends. Sometimes friends suck. Sometimes the old Tootsie Roll commericial jingle will inexplicably get stuck in my head; that and that "Your flag boy and my flag boy..." song. I despise that song. I miss writing in my blog and to make more of an effort to do so, even if I just ramble nonsensically.

Say something random.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 1:05 PM

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