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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Did you know that Google thinks this is the definitive place to learn the definition of "cuntrag"? Apparently I alone am keeper of this illustrious definition because if you do a search for "define cuntrag", this blog is the first thing that comes up.

Now if you just type "cuntrag" I'm about 3rd on the list (still impressive). Apparently I'm quite an authority on the word - just because I used it in a sentence or two. Or three.

It comes from one of my infamous road rage rants wherein I called a woman who almost hit my car a "stupid fucking cuntrag whore"; I do have a way with words when I'm angry, don't I? And I called her this not once, not twice, but third-time's-a-charm-thrice. Because she pissed me the fucking hell off. Oops, sorry.

Cuntrag. 'k&nt 'rag, (n)
A person, usually of the female gender, who cannot drive and proves this by swerving into your lane and almost hitting you despite the fact that your blaring horn should be alerting her that she is about to cause an accident.

Also, simply, a woman who cannot drive. Can also apply to females talking on the phone and driving poorly because of it.

Wanna know about cuntrags? See me.

(11 March Update: A day after writing this I was no longer the #1 find for "cuntrag". Such is Google-fame: so short-lived).

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 2:05 PM

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