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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I have nothing nice to say so I'm not going to say much at all. If you're really interested in seeing what kind of a horrible, pissy mood I'm in you can read my LiveJournal entry where I kind of...went off. I warn you, it isn't pretty. I thought I'd try to blow off some steam there so I could come here and write a more well-thought-out rant, but now I'm just out of juice.

PMS is a bitch. Extremely over-sensitive impatience caused by PMS is an even bigger bitch. Welcome to my world.

I literally banged my Nextel against my desk today because my boss would not stop talking on the other end. He'd go on and on, and then come back a few minutes later with something else assinine. When he got to a point where he beeped through and started off with, "And this really isn't important, but..." I lost it. Thank goddess those things are durable.

Then I had this gem to deal with:

Person-calling-in: I can't get into my email-program-we-use.

Me: Ok, what error message are you getting?

At first he didn't know the error message (they never do). I waited while he tried whatever-he-was-doing again to make it come up.

PCI: It says Error 619, Invalid user name or password.

Now I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is the error message that comes up when you cannot dial-in - which you have to do to get into the email program. Users like to tell you what they'd like to do rather than what's really not working.

Me: You're not having a problem with email-program-we-use. The problem is that you can't dial in.

PCI: But I can't get my email.

No shit, idiot. But you have to DIAL IN to get to the email program and since dialing in is what you CAN'T DO - THAT is the problem!

Me: Okay, whatever. That error message means you're typing in the wrong user name and password. What did you type in?

PCI: I typed in "password" for the password. What it's always been.

I love how they argue with me and try to tell me how it is and how it's always been. If they're so damn smart, why in the hell are they calling me at all?!

Me: It's not "password" and it has never been "password". When we set your dial-in accounts up we gave you a password, it was 8 digits and alpha-numeric. Do you have it written down anywhere?

I don't know why I ask, they *never* do. Heaven forbid you keep pertinent information around.

PCI: No, I don't have it.

Me: (Curious) Why did you change the password anyway? The password is saved - you shouldn't have to change it, just hit "Dial".

He didn't answer. And why? Because obviously he hasn't dialed in in some time. Otherwise he'd know the password is saved and already there. That's what all those little stars in the password box and the check mark in "Save Password" mean, genius.

Thing is, if he isn't dialing in every day, he isn't doing his job. They have to dial in and download their work onto their laptop - every day.

What's the worse thing about dealing with stuff like this? These people make way more than I do.

And that right there isn't reason enough to be pissy-as-hell, there's the PMS to boot. Lucky me, right?

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 2:57 PM

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