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Monday, March 21, 2005

I was going to post yesterday and wish everyone a happy Palm Sunday, Ostara, International Astrology Day, Sun-Moves-into-Aries-Today (yes, it was all of those things) since I was stuck at home anyway, but I prefer not to post in a hydrocodone haze.

Last week the temperature dropped rather suddenly and quite dramatically. In other words, it got freakin' cold. Then it started raining. My damn leg froze up stiffer than a board; it was so stiff it felt as if it was going to snap under me when I tried to walk on it. I took off of work Thursday and laid in bed with lots of heat on it.

By Sunday I was no better. I had to cancel my plans and stay in bed with a hot ThermaCare bandage wrapped around my leg, popping pain pills every 4-6 hours just so I could move around and perform basic human functions like hobbling to the bathroom.

Then I realized it was Ostara, the Spring Solstice and I felt a sudden urge to work in my garden. Saturday evening my best friend (and new neighbor) had pulled up two rose bushes from his patio that he's fixing up and had planted them in mine at my request. I popped a pill and hobbled outside and trimmed everything in the garden, getting it ready for spring.

It took a very long time, and I had to pause and wait for the pain to pass at times; others I had to pause and shed a few angry, frustrated tears, but I did it. I've got big plans for that patio this year and it made me feel good to do something constructive with my day rather than sit with my leg propped up in front of the computer trying to make my Sims graduate from college.

I'm hoping for warmer weather so I can get back to working this leg again. It's really been too stiff during the cold months to do anything with it. Baret says he'll even start going to the gym with me.

And I'm also happy to report that I got my package from Adiago Teas in - absolutely delicious teas & the ingenuiTEA pot is awesome. I even got a handwritten thank you note for the link along with the package. Thank you AT!!

Back to the grind.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 11:21 AM

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