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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

In the random blog-bys that I do some mornings (randomly clicking on links, checking out new blogs, throwing in a comment when I feel moved here and there), I read that Adagio Teas is offering a neat deal - link 'em and get free tea.

I'm not selling out. Trust me, I wouldn't help just any company get a higher Google-ranking simply because of the lure of getting something free. But I love tea, and Adagio tea is good. So there. Free tea for me. Tea for you? Link it up, baby.

That made absolutely no sense, did it?

My day, in terms of i.t.-ness, has gone from bad to worse. I sat around all morning waiting for someone who obviously thinks it is my job to sit and wait for him to come and pick up his laptop. Like I have nothing better to be doing.

In fact, waiting around on him put me hours behind going clean up yet another virus-ridden computer at our office. Why "another"? Because our employees don't have the surfing-sense god gave a goose. (Ever seen geese surf the Internet? Amazing, I tell ya).

If something pops-up on their screen offering free ANYTHING - screensavers, rebates, horoscopes, dental work, #2 pencils, cat litter, curly straws, doughnut holes, earwigs, hairballs, you-get-the-picture-ANYTHING - they click on it. Install - download - bam! - you have spyware and/or viruses. This is the third in less than a week. One computer was so full of viruses (over 20) and spyware (in the hundreds) it took me a day and a half to clean it out.

I have taken it to the higher ups and intend to start punishing these people. After I teach them the no-no's of Internet surfing and clicking. You see, I don't feel right punishing people when they truly don't understand what they're doing. Do you know what every single one of them said to me after I begged them NOT to download/install anything else off of the Internet on to their work computers?

"How do I know if I'm doing that? How do I know if I'm 'downloading' - I don't understand."

After the class I am putting together and that I will give to the entire agency, they will. And after that, if I find Ebates Moe Money Maker on one more goddamn machine they will feel the wrath of this computer geek.

And for the record - and the sanity of whoever-your-i.t.-person is - do not call and complain about a problem (ANY problem) without first trying to restart your computer. Thank you.

Now, as she whose link I finally fixed on my blogroll, aka Kat, suggested I am going to go home and have a glass of wine and drink away the day. Glory be to Bacchus. Halleluiah. Amen.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 12:56 PM

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