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Friday, March 04, 2005

Kat brought up a good question in comments yesterday, asking what a particular "spamish" (as I call it) word was actually supposed to be.

Since I've made it sort of a hobby of mine to wade through my spam email's and record their subject lines to poke fun at, I've garnered somewhat of a knack for figuring out the strange language of "spamish".

I believe that sometimes the misspellings are intentional in an attempt to bypass spam filters (other times just because the senders are morons or don't speak proper English). Because of this, there are some misspellings that seem to be the "rule" in that they are always spelled incorrectly in the exact manner every time they appear.

Because I have nothing else to offer you right now, I decided to do up a little spamish-guide to help you translate your spam subject lines into English.

Because you give a shit, right?

Spamish to English Guide
pohoto - photo
hettsot - hottest
werhoes (also whroes) - whores
psortitute (also porstitute) - prostitute
roeslution - resolution
inncoennt - innocent
awmseoe - awesome
caroton - cartoon
stranegr - stranger
hleos - holes
hrony - horny
mmos - moms
wemon - women
ermxete - extreme

See, you learn something new every day.

Let's make a sentence in spamish, just for shits & giggles:
Did you see that high - roeslution pohoto of those awmseoe wemon doing ermxete sports?

Let's hear yours.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 5:31 AM

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