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Friday, March 11, 2005

The Tale of the Missing CD

I don't get it; it makes absolutely no sense.

Wednesday evening my new CD, Beth Gibbons's Out of Season arrived in the mail. I listened to in the background as I did a few other things, played some Sims 2: University. I liked what I heard so far.

The next morning (which would now be yesterday) I decided I wanted to listen to the CD at work. Until I get used to a new CD I like to have it playing in the background so I can, without even realizing it, get into all of the new sounds. I grabbed it off the desk and slipped it in my large knapsack I carry to work every day.

I got to work and it was gone. No CD anywhere to be found in the sack. Wtf? I figured it must've slipped out in my car or didn't make it into the sack when I thought I'd slipped it in there earlier that morning.

Last night I got home and couldn't find it. I have searched my office at work, my car and the area surrounding my desk (the only place in my house it ever was) and NO CD!??? It has simply ceased to exist.

I searched last night, & this morning. I cleaned off my desk and the area surrounding it, Baret looked in my car as well. I've shuffled everything around in my office and on my desk more than once - no CD.

I don't know if I'm going crazy or what! Damnit, I want to listen to that new CD! I'm at a loss. I'm honestly beginning to think some prankster sprites or a spirit trying to get my intention have run off with my CD! In the 10 minutes from my house to my office it vanished out of my knapsack.

This is not a way to start the day.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 4:55 AM

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