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Friday, April 29, 2005

Everyone has their particular insect or rodent fear; the one creature that will make them throw shoes across rooms and wail for their mama when nothing else can phase them. The fear that will keep them up at nights if there's a chance it may be near - the one thing that will bring them to their knees if faced with it. For me, that fear is cockroaches.

Most people have no concept of what a cockroach truly is. There are the pesky, and hard-to-be-rid-of "little" roaches that usually infest kitchens and dark places en masse. There are the weird looking beetle-roaches that are sometimes used in movies in place of real roaches; what's up with that? But you really don't understand the concept of a frightning, terrifying roach experince until you have come across the Southern variety known as "wood" cockroaches. These suckers are huge.

Growing up the first few years of my life in what used to be a forest, and with the rest of said forest right next door, I saw my fair share of these particular roaches; my personal run-ins with them were enough to scar me for life and to this day the site of a big, shiny roach running around will send shivers up and done my spine and reduce me to a sobbing pile of goo.

One of the strangest phenomenon I have noticed about roaches, other than their Shanna-radar which causes any roach at any distance in a room to somehow end up heading towards me or eventually on my person, is their ability to "show up" after a good cleaning. I spent the better part of this week completely re-arranging and cleaning my desk and the clutter around it; stacks of paper and books were removed. Inevitably, a few days later, a roach appears - apparently I have disturbed wherever he had made his home and he wants revenge on me.

What always freaks me out, though, is where were the damn roaches WHEN I was cleaning?? I never saw a one, nor any hint of one - but a day or two after the mass cleaning has taken place, I wake up to find one scurrying around the exact same areas.

I woke up to such a joy this morning, and since it is somewhere on or around my desk at this moment, that place is temporarily "condemned" and not to be approached. Though I am across the room and on another computer, I realize that I will soon have to move because with roach Shanna-radar being the way it is, he will eventually end up over here on this desk; or worse, on me. JoJo was on the hunt, but gave up - seeming to easily ignore my yelps of "JoJo, kill!!"

And since the roach has disappeared, for the time at least, and I am unable to prematurely end his life with my shoe or JoJo's fangs I will not be comfortable in this room, or at my desk...maybe forever.

This is not how one wants to start off their day.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 3:02 AM

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