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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Another chunk of IM-insanity:

This was great. I was prodding and trying to find out just what the freak was offering to pay me for, but he was very shady. And apparently he will only "help" you if you have a cam; people without cams need not apply. Everyone else, robert36h (who claims to be from Kentucky but types like all the other asshat foreigner freaks that IM me) has money to give; contact him.

Anyone that IM's robert36h, here, asking for money & gets a good chat transcript with him, email it to me; if we get enough he may get his own page on the Halls of Stupid just like Mango Boy did.

robert36h: need to make some money?

robert36h: Are you there?

ranting_heathen: Was asleep. Why did you ask me if I wanted to make some money?

robert36h: how much do you need?

ranting_heathen: I'm sorry, why are you asking me this?

robert36h: i like helping other peoples

ranting_heathen: You send money to random strangers for nothing?

robert36h: ok

robert36h: turn your cam

ranting_heathen: No, not ok. You tell me what the deal is here. Quit trying to be sneaky, and be up front & honest.

ranting_heathen: I think if you're offering up something like that, you'd be up front from the start.

robert36h: sry i'm not here for fun

ranting_heathen: I didn't say you were - I'm asking you what you are here for.

robert36h: i already told you

ranting_heathen: You didn't tell me what I'd have to do to get money from you, no.

robert36h: i told you that like helpinothers

robert36h: dou understand

ranting_heathen: And I'm asking - you send money to strangers for nothing in return?

robert36h: ok

robert36h: turn your cam

ranting_heathen: I understand you like to help people, but I think you want something.

ranting_heathen: Why would I do that?

robert36h: wanna see you to can help u

ranting_heathen: I don't think you need to see me to help me. That's ridiculous.

ranting_heathen: What difference does that make?

robert36h: cool it's your point

ranting_heathen: English isn't your native language, is it?

robert36h: but i hope you see my point too

ranting_heathen: I don't see your point, when I ask you what you want in return you tell me "ok". You aren't being very informative.

robert36h: already i told u all that i have

ranting_heathen: Ok, so how do I get this money?

robert36h: sry can't help you if you don't want helping yourself

ranting_heathen: I keep asking you what you want me to do and you won't tell me. Stop playing games, please.

ranting_heathen: Are you going to tell me?

robert36h: look i'm not here for fun i told you so please dunnnn hurt me cuz i'm not going to hurt others or you

ranting_heathen: Look, quit putting my words in my mouth. I'm not here for fun either. Just be open and tell me what you want.

ranting_heathen: I think it's a pretty simple request.

robert36h: I'm not here for game do u understand?

ranting_heathen: Do you understand that I am trying to ask you WHAT you ARE here for? I don't play games.

robert36h: ok

robert36h: turn your cam

ranting_heathen: So what do you want, really?

ranting_heathen: You tell me what you expect me to do once that cam is on. I think I have a right to ask.

robert36h: wanna see you to can see how i could helpi9n u

ranting_heathen: Why do you need to see me?

ranting_heathen: ?

robert36h: please i'm sry i can't help you coz i'm not going to get you to jail please leave me alone

robert36h: bye

ranting_heathen: Who's talking about jail? No one's going to jail.

ranting_heathen: I want to know what you're offering me money for. I think I'm being very reasonable here.

robert36h: Please don't bother me anymore

ranting_heathen: You "bothered" me first and
I'm trying to figure out why.

ranting_heathen: Don't I have a right to ask these questions?

robert36h: turn your cam if you like help you

ranting_heathen: Do you want me to do sexual things on the cam? If so, why can't you just say that?

robert36h: why do you say dat

robert36h: what's wrong w/u

ranting_heathen: I can't figure out why else you'd NEED to see me on cam.

ranting_heathen: And you won't tell me.

robert36h: ok

robert36h: when you like answer you turn your on may i could reply u

robert36h: nite

ranting_heathen: When you answer my question, I may turn my cam on.

robert36h: nope

ranting_heathen: You're not being fair - why would I do it if you won't tell me "why'?

ranting_heathen: That's creepy.

robert36h: don't need it yet

ranting_heathen: Don't need what?

ranting_heathen: You're acting scary - no one is going to do what you ask.

robert36h: you said that i answer ur q then you may turn it and i said don't need it

ranting_heathen: There are dangerous people out there on the web, I won't show myself to a stranger without a good reason. Doesn't that make sense?

ranting_heathen: Fine.

ranting_heathen: I still want to know how you send money to strangers. Do they give you their address? I'm curious about this.

ranting_heathen: Do you use Paypal? I mean, how do you do it?

ranting_heathen: And WHY?

ranting_heathen: And do you only "help" people with cams?

robert36h: ofcourse

robert36h: when you turn your cam may answer you

ranting_heathen: So you won't help someone if they don't have a cam?

robert36h: nite

ranting_heathen: Answer me. I don't want to play your little game so you don't want to "help" me anymore?

ranting_heathen: You're such a good samaritan but you only like to help people that have cams?

ranting_heathen: It sounds like you're paying people for sex shows, honestly.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 4:27 AM

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