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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

It started last Thursday; the old wisdom teeth started aching. I've known for years they needed to be cut out but lack of a regular dentist and, more importantly, dental insurance had me always putting it off.

They get achey every now and again, and I can't eat on that side of my mouth until it stops aching - usually a few hours or a day or so later. All four hurt - different ones at different times.

This past Thursday it began - both sides of my lower jaw, the right being the worse. I waited, but the few hours or few days didn't end; instead the pain got worse; much worse. I knew something was more wrong than usual. I spent the entire weekend drunk just to alleviate the pain (hey, it worked).

Monday morning I called a dentist and was able to get an early Tuesday appointment. To demonstrate the severity of the condition, I offer you this shot of my x-ray from this morning's appointment (my tooth gives new meaning to the word "impacted"):

My Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Let me just say, for the record, it hurts every damn bit as much as it looks like it does.

If you're having trouble figuring out the photo, let me help. The white arrow is pointing to my horizontal tooth (the wisdom tooth) which is forcibly pushing on my regularly vertical teeth. See? Yeah, it's a bitch.

The dentist said it would be a "very complicated extraction" and referred me to an oral surgeon; he also sent me home with antibiotics and pain pills until I can be cut open. I made the appointment with the oral surgeon - tomorrow at 10:45am; I'm expecting the surgery to be scheduled fairly quickly.

I haven't been posting, and now you know why. If I don't post again soon, you will still know why, and if I do and its incomprehensible you'll know it's because I'm on killer pain pills just so that I can stand the horrible and agonizing torture going on inside my own mouth.

Wish me and my stubborn wisdom teeth luck.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 9:13 AM

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