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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I'm here, I'm here....

I have a great Saturday-night-outing story to share, but I'd rather wait 'til I'm more clear-headed and able to give it the pithiness it deserves.

I'm really only half here, you see.

The Zoloft makes me SO sleepy. I keep hoping this side effect, which just started a week or so ago, will go away. I'm always sleepy; even after a good, full night's rest. I go to bed early, too - by 6 and 7pm, I'm nodding at my desk. I go to bed, sleep great and then wake up and am just so exhausted all day long.

Apparently it takes a lot of energy to be happy.

If this Yahoo! article about bioterrorists poisoning the milk supply turns out to be true, I'm in the clear - along with all of my other lactose intolerant brothers and sisters out there.

But really, that's scary.

Oh yeah, and as I'm sure you guessed, no Jo.

When the album comes out, I'll have to show you guys - thanks for the kind words & support!

My purse is like a Black Hole; I have just about everything in there but the kitchen sink (and only, really, because it wouldn't fit).

I pulled my moonstone necklace out to re-attach it to my neck; it had fallen off during the wild partying of Saturday night and I just remembered to fish it out of my purse and put it back on.

That's when I noticed all this white, powdery crap all in it.

"What in the hell?" I wondered.

No, we weren't partying *that* hard.

I ran through things I knew were in my purse - could it be a sugar packet that had burst open (that's happened)? No, no sugar in there. Then I remembered, my box of BC Powder Arthritis.

As I realized it was crazy to be carrying that around (along with a bottle of Rapid Release Extra Strength Tylenol), I decided I'd list for you the insanity that resides in my purse. This, of course, changes all of the time.

I just never can get used to the fact that I don't need to carry around everything I might ever possibly need as I did when I was pretty much homeless and my backpack was where I kept all of my wordly possessions. Old habits die hard. It's just in recent years that I stopped putting left-over restaurant food in my purse or pockets; I know that's gross but when you don't know when you'll be getting food again, you'd be surprised the tricks you resort to.

Anyways, the most amazing thing to remember, before perusing the list, is that this particular purse is only about 4" deep:

My checkbook

Loose, floating cash in varying amounts

Loose change

A bottle of Rapid Release Extra Strength Tylenol

A box of BC Powder Arthritis

Some tampons

Some panty liners

An itty-bitty composition notebook for notes, story ideas, quotes, etc.

A black ink pen

Lots of Lactaid packets

My 512mb USB flash card/memory stick

A still-wrapped set of chopsticks from Tsunami

My license, debit card and insurance card - floating around b/c my wallet doesn't fit in this purse

A complaint card from the hospital, filled out

A hand-made card someone very special made for me

A tube of chapstick

A pot of lip moisturizer

An onyx locket necklace my grandfather cleaned for me

A crushed pack of Camel Ultra Lights with one smooshed cig inside

A packet of those Listerine strips that feel like they're burning important nerve endings right off the surface of your tongue

A plastic syringe the dentist gave me to "irrigate" the holes left in my mouth from having my wisdom teeth removed; I'm supposed to do this after I eat

Some doctor's appointments cards for apptmts I missed and a prescription I never had filled

My cell phone

Sorry for boring you I said, I'm only half here.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 1:23 PM

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