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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A little word of advice. Don't try to be cute with your I.T. tech; especially when she's PMSing.

Non-Amusing-Jerk: My computer's doing blah-blah-da-de-da.

Me: Okay, when did it start doing this?

NAJ: Today.

Me (knowing this problem started last week): Were you here yesterday?

NAJ: No.

Me: Okay. Friday?

NAJ: No. I have been out since last Thursday.

Information that would've been useful at the start of the conversation, considering that is the day this problem *started*.

Me: It means your profile is corrupt. I have to come and reload everything. I've got someone coming in from Shreveport and the other guy isn't here so I can't come down *right now*, but one of us will be down there **as soon as possible**.

NAJ: When? Tomorrow?

Whatthefuckdidyoujustsaytomeasshole?! Tomorrow? Tomorrow? And then he kind of snickered - and I couldn't tell if it was a I-think-I-just-made-a-funny snicker or a that-damn-I.T.-department-is-so-slow-it-probably-WILL-be-tomorrow-and-I-called-it snicker. I don't know if he's clueless or a jackass, but either way he pissed me off.

I answered him in a tone that plainly said I did not see nor appreciate the implied humor and/or stab and said, "No. Today."

There's not enough money in the fucking world to make this job worth the shit I put up with every day. People with computer problems, or people that are too dumb to know the most simple and basic functions of the machines they use every day, are, collectively, the biggest bunch of pissy, whiny assholes in existence.

In case you couldn't tell, no, JoJo still isn't home.

Oh yeah, and Happy Litha. Sorry. It would figure this would be the longest day of the goddamn year.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 5:24 AM

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