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Thursday, June 16, 2005

You only have to deal with things like this when you're having a day like me (trying to get through it without crying and crumbling because my JoJo is missing and my heart is breaking [see below]):

1. A guy walks into my office to tell me he is having problems archiving email on his system - that he has never been able to archive. Except he says "ar-chive", as in AR and those long, green onions (known as "chives"). Not once, but everytime he said the word "archive" and "archiving".

2. I asked an employee to go and make a copy of the custody sheet I'd just had her sign. First she tried to stick it in a printer, like the one next to your computer. Then she went into the copier room and ran it through the fax machine. She brought it back to me, confused as to why the "copier" had put text all over it.

3. I had another employee call me and say he couldn't start up his computer. He told me he was getting a black screen and an error message that said, "Non-system
disk or disk error". I told him there was a floppy in his drive and he needed to remove it. He didn't know how, and he didn't know what the floppy drive was; apparently he didn't even know what the computer was because he asked me, "Will it be on this tall thing standing here?"

I want my JoJo so I can go home and he can tell me about his day sleeping, and rubbing on things, and sleeping, and eating and pooping and not covering it up, and more sleeping and I can tell him that I work with a bunch of morons, my job makes me want to pull my hair out and quit fussing at me, I'm filling up the cat food bowl as fast as I possibly can, you silly cat!

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 1:07 PM

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