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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Bad luck & broken a/c's. For me, unfortunately, the two go hand in hand.

Every summer since I have lived on my own my a/c has broken...always at the hottest point in the summer (for those not in the know, the heat index around here lately has been in the 100's+).

My first place had an old, funky central heat/air unit that was eons old. He refused to replace it, even though it was the oldest one of all the apartments in the complex. I remember having to pour Clorox into it sometimes to "clean it out" so it would output colder air. It was really that bad.

Here, my new place is a lot nicer and the landlord much less slumlordish. He's actually very cool, but, again, the central heat/air unit is...old. He's talked about replacing the entire thing...especially after it died on us last summer around this same time. But the maintenance guy was able to get it running so I guess he figured it was ok.

Until now. I come home from work and it's hot. Now it's always hot when I get home, even the strongest a/c in the world can't combat 100+ degree weather outside. But as the sun sets, it gets cooler...this evening it did not.

As I write this, the landlord and Baret are downstairs trying to fix it; apparently the landlord can't get in touch with his regular maintenance guy. Surely, this time of year, there are some emergency a/c-repairmen that can be called at all hours?

Regardless, I'm sitting upstairs with a fan on me, all the ceiling fans blowing and the windows opened (it might rain), butt-naked I might add, and I'm still miserably hot and sticky. (Sorry for that last mental image there).

We may be spending the night at Nodnarb's tonight.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 4:57 PM

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