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Friday, July 15, 2005

It's a Motherfucking Miracle

Wednesday evening Baret and I were reunited with JoJo.

I know what you're long ago was it that he went missing?! He's been gone since June 12. Everyone's wonderful thoughts, prayers, and candle-lighting worked. Our baby is home.

He's malnourished and a little skittish (doesn't like being alone) but is otherwise fine...considering that for the past month he's been stuck under someone's decking in a hole not big enough for him to stand or turn around in. A month.

We're guessing he survived by eating bugs and/or grass, and drinking puddles of rainwater that collected in his small, dirt prison. Jo has always been a remarkable cat and this just proves that even more.

I can't begin to tell you the shock and overwhelming joy I felt when Baret walked into the patio holding him. I lost it, crying...I was completely in shock. We brought him inside and he was freaking out, too. He couldn't decide between telling us all about his ordeal, eating and rubbing on Mama. He'd try to eat, so fast I thought he was going to puke, and talk around the food.."marow, rooow, roow," then he'd run to me and rub on me (I was sitting on the floor), then, starving, he'd run back to the food, devour a few bites whole, then run back to me. I scooted over to the food bowl so he could eat and love on me (and I, on him) at the same time! I just couldn't believe he was there.

A trip to the vet the next day revealed that he's ok...though with a slight fever. The doc was very concerned about all of the missing hair (and a few sores) on his inner thighs and legs and tummy (I'm guessing from having his belly against the ground for so long). He's on a ton of meds, every few hours, but he doc said as long as he's eating and drinking normally (he sure is!) he'll be fine.

Just wanted to thank you..all of you...for your thoughts, positive come-home-JoJo energy, burning candles and/or prayers. Whatever you worked. Our little family is back together, and JoJo is home where he belongs. Everyone (excluding Gia who was loving being the only child more than anything) is so very happy!

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 4:04 AM

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