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Sunday, August 28, 2005

CNN Sucks

You know, it's bad enough - this impending fucking storm - there is no reason for you journalistic getting-off-on-the-tragedy-of-others' sharks to blow this up and make it sound like the end of Earth in Southern Louisiana as we know it just to UP YOUR GODDAMN RATINGS.

Sore spot, forgive me.

But this article, posted at CNN, Katrina may be 'our Asian tsunami' made me want to spit nails. Like I, and all other southern Louisiana natives keeping up with the storm online, need to see SHIT LIKE THIS. Like we're not scared enough or worried enough about our home state and beloved city. It must be nice to write some seemingly brilliant piece of journalism, just frightening and shocking enough to catch the eye, from the comfort of your perfectly safe office THAT IS NOT ABOUT TO BE HIT BY A CATEGORY 5 HURRICANE!

Fuck all of you, most who have probably never seen or lived through an ACTUAL hurricane, journalistic types who have hard-ons and wet panties right now at the sheer thought of the damage Katrina is about to cause and all the hours upon hours of rehashing the same shit reporting you're going to do in the aftermath. I hate all of you.

Please note the URL of this particular piece - the tail end - /katrina.doomsday/ Doomsday. Fucking doomsday? It's a goddamn hurricane, not the end of the world or Noah's second coming. It's going to be horrible - absolutely fucking catastrophic. But to you it means ratings - to us it means loss of life, property, places and things we love. It means seeing a huge part of us and our culture destroyed.

There's no need to push this to the extreme. It IS extreme! The flashy headlines - the doomsday heralding - the catastrophic comparisons. Just stop. You are NOT helping.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 10:11 PM

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