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Sunday, August 28, 2005

I know this is soon, but things are picking up here.

Just a few minutes after I finished the last post, it got considerably darker and the rain started coming down hard. The clouds have completely covered the sky - you can no longer see it peeking through. Right now we're seeing the very, very outer bands of a very large and far-reaching storm. This is only the beginning.

So far there isn't too much wind, just a lot of rain.

I see two cars parked on the side the street - right under a tree. To me, this does not seem like an ideal place to park your cars. Maybe they aren't from here?

The interstate (I-10 Westbound is what I can see from here) had started inching ever so slowly forward, but its stopped again. I bet those people are tired, aggravated and scared.

Once the storming gets too bad (I'm guessing early, early morning (2-3am) or early morning (5-6am), I'll be shutting off my computer - unplugging it to protect from lightening. If we even have electricity by then, that is. I'll have two hours of battery life on my laptop and I'll continue to post until I no longer can - stay tuned, and thanks for well wishes our way!

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 4:46 PM

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