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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Looks like Bill Shanks got his wish:

According to Shanks, God views gay marriage as an abomination and, unless Louisiana bans it stronger, God might visit a calamity on the state worthy of Noah.

"One Category 5 hurricane coming up the river would take care of all Sodomite marriages -- along with ours and our churches'," he said.

While I figure Hurricane Katrina has less to do with gay marriages and more to do with warm Gulf waters and low pressure areas, the fact remains that New Orleans - beloved city of my heart - is finally about to face "the big one".

"The Big One" is the infamous storm all New Orleans natives and Orleanaphiles fear; the one that "someday" would come to pass. A Category 5 hurricane that would come straight up the Mississippi and put the smack down on The Big Easy. Her below-sea-level bowl-shaped self would fill up like a holiday drunk at the punch bowl and New Orleans as we know it would never be the same.

It was one of those things that everyone said would happen someday, but that never actually happened; so you started to believe it never would. With Katrina still hours away from making landfall, it's still anyone's guess exactly what she'll do - but, at this point, it's not looking good for the world's most unique city.

They're calling it the "Second Coming of Camille" (Southerners will know who and what Camille is), and even saying it's stronger than she was.

Even under normal circumstances, the Crescent City relies on pumps to get rid of excess water. With the pumps out along with the rest of the South's electricity, and a storm surge over 17 feet (and a leaking-over-the-levee-Lake-Pontchatrain), New Orleans is expected to be sitting under 20' of water by Tuesday. If this is "The Big Storm" they've prophesied all these years. I'm still hoping it isn't.

As for us a little further North, and a bit safer to the West of the eye - we're in preparation mode. Hurricane Andrew, a Category 4 storm that passed much closer to our area, left us without power for a week. Katrina could do the same, or worse. All you can do is be ready and hope for the least amount of damage.

I'll keep you updated with posts as the storm nears. Right now, skies are clear and beautiful - the calm before the storm. Conditions should start worsening tonight - landfall (at this point) is scheduled for 8am Monday morning. I'll post back here frequently until we no longer have power - after that, just keep your fingers crossed for us. Moreover, keep your fingers crossed for New Orleans and 130,000+ people that can't leave.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 8:53 AM

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