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Monday, August 29, 2005

So far so good - and I come back with a bit of good news.

Katrina started breaking up as she made landfall (which she's in the process of doing now), and she's speeding up - which means she'll move through more quickly and there won't be as much prolonged high winds in areas.

We still have electricity, but Port Allen, just West of here, is in a blackout, according to the news. Wind gusts are up to 35 and 40 mph; but right now, it's looking pretty good for us - much better than we thought it would.

Slidell, Louisiana is probably going to take the brunt of the storm, and right now the Southeastern part of the state - Buras, Port Sulphur, Plauqemines Parish-area - is getting hit hard as the eye makes landfall; they are sustaining up to (and over) 140 mph winds.

Lake Pontchartrain is still most likely going to flood, and they are still worried about it filling New Orleans. Whatever voodoo charms and protections have been over the city all these years past with hurricanes, I just hope they hold out.

For now, though, in Baton Rouge all is well. Baret just got home - he's tired and stressed and we're going to try to get a little more sleep (a cat nap).

'Til later...

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 4:15 AM

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