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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Baton Rouge Traffic Alert Baton Rouge traffic was a clusterfucky mess long before the city's population suddenly doubled in size; now, it is a motherfucking nightmare.

Even working the "non" regular shift (7-3:30) hasn't helped. Traffic, all day - every day, is like rush hour.

The problem is that, along with the already-horribly inept Baton Rouge drivers, you have a mess of already-insane and psychotic New Orleans drivers who don't know the area - so they're constantly slamming on their brakes, missing turns and cutting in front of you to try and get over to where they suddenly realized they need to be. Or maybe that's just par for the course; New Orleans drivers really are crazy.

People pulling out in front of you is the norm around here - I live with one foot hovering over the brake in anticipation of it because it's such a common occurrence. Now, naturally, it's much worse. I get pretty agitated when someone pulls out in front of me and I have to slow down or brake a bit; but when you pull out in front of me and I have to slam on my brakes so hard that I'm sure my tires are going to start screeching before I can come to a stop inches away from your bumper, we have a problem. This happened yesterday, and so I honked. I almost hit her, I figured the honk was deserved. Do you know what that bitch did?! She flipped ME the bird!!!

If I didn't love my Stella so much and Baret wouldn't have killed me, I would've rammed that whore! So I flipped her back off, and she flipped me back off - and this went on for quite a few minutes, this flipping each other back off until I gave her a thumbs up hand gesture and mouthed because the whole thing was so ridiculous. She was wrong, and she just couldn't admit it. I bet if I'd of hit her (which I almost did) she'd of blamed me.

Every one of my friends calls me up in the evenings to complain about how horrible the drive home was, and we all go over the almost-wrecks we nearly got into. It's that bad.

Think about it. Baton Rouge overfloweth long before this mess - already its streets and highways weren't equipped to handle the growing amount of traffic we were seeing. Baton Rouge had kind of outgrown itself. Now, the city - overnight almost - doubles in size so you can just imagine.

Due to the rising problem of terrible traffic in the city of Baton Rouge, I have created the Baton Rouge Traffic Alert advisory. You should see it up on the left there. Now, when I talk about the god-awful traffic, I have a reference point to show you just how scary and threatening it is.

Today's Baton Rouge Traffic Alert is at RED.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 5:41 AM

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