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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Everyone seems to be upset that their favorite leader or figurehead is getting blamed for this mess.

Let me say this, it's everyone's fault. The federal government, the state and local governments.

The problem with funding to repair levees and build them up to take the brunt of a Cat 5 storm is that it's a long-term solution. It isn't something from which the benefits are immediately felt; in fact, it may never even be tangible. Policitians, and all of govm't, look to the short term; to something they can show and say, "Look all of the good that I have done." - their terms are short, and so the large problems with future implications for trouble are left for the next schmuck to deal with. It is simply the way of American politics.

The chances of a Cat 5 storm coming up and hitting New Orleans as it did were slim - very slim. Some believed it would never even happen, and even those that did never expected to see it in their lifetimes. So it was easy to put off funding, spend the money elsewhere, ignore the problem that wasn't an immediate threat. They took a chance - everyone took a chance - and the worst came to be; they lost the bet.

The only good I can see that may come out of this is that maybe, maybe, long-term goals and progressive measures may get brought to the forefront of our leaders' minds. Perhaps the way things are handled by big govm't and local officials will be changed by this. Maybe they'll start to take care of things that may negatively affect us in the future, instead of worrying about their personal short-term career goals. I doubt it; but I can hope.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 10:35 AM

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