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Monday, September 05, 2005

I'm so goddamned tired of all the excuses, the lies, the spinning, the slight admittance of guilt followed by a hurried "we've got it now, though". You fucked up - just admit it. There is no - NO - excuses for this, nothing you can say or do that will ever make this right. Our government failed us. Period. The best thing our administration and FEMA and all of the others' responsible can do now is to step forward and say, "Look, we messed up, big time and we're sorry." That I could respect, that I might be able to forgive - a little. But trying to make it "okay" - trying to cover it up with lies and excuses and You have no right.

I've no doubts in my mind that more people are dead because of our government's ineptitude than because of the hurricane. None. No matter what they get on TV and say to try and cover their asses, every single one of them has to go to sleep at night with that knowledge - they will have to bear the responsibility of thousands of innocent deaths - women and children included - on their souls.

You keep hearing them say they "didn't know" and then that they "couldn't get to them". That's amazing, considering I know people personally that made their way in with boats the day after the storm to rescue family. And how can they sit there and say they didn't know!? Everyone knew - as this article from 2002 shows - all of this was predicted. Everyone knew what would happen if a storm of this magnitude hit New Orleans, even down to the percentage of people that wouldn't or couldn't leave! I knew - without power and with only a battery-operated radio - on Tuesday (the day after the storm hit) that the Superdome had been badly damaged. Common sense then told me, with no electricity and no running water, thousands of people who've just lost everything trapped in a hot, unsanitary stadium was simply another disaster waiting to boil over. The fact is, either they knew and acted entirely too slowly, or they didn't and are simply proving to the world that they are the biggest bunch of incompetent morons to ever attempt to lead a country.

Our own government is responsible for more deaths than Katrina. That is a terrifying, and sickening thought.

I believe this open letter to President Bush, that appeared in the Times-Picayne newspaper's editorial section, reflects wonderfully how we feel:

OUR OPINIONS: An open letter to the President

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 5:29 AM

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