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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Jesus, the fires scare me.

I walked into my supervisor's office just now; he's got a small, portable TV on with the coverage of the storm's aftermath. And there's a fire somewhere off I-10.

There's been little fires here and there, started by the goddamn looters, but they've been able to put them out (having to pump water straight off the street because there's no water pressure in the pumps). But this fire is huge, and spreading quickly - and I don't even know if they can get to it.

New Orleans is old and most of its buildings are touching, or part of one another. A fire could sweep through it and destroy so much so quickly. They've got to stop these looters!! They are hurting recovery - they are stopping rescue and relief from coming to the innocent, poor souls who AREN'T doing such terrible things.

There are people begging reporters for food and water! Why aren't we flying over and dropping in supplies - food??? It wouldn't be difficult.

It's just so terrible, so hard and so frustrating to watch - to know it's all going on an hour or a few hours away from you and there is NOTHING you can do.

We, all of us in Baton Rouge, even with holes in some of our roofs and many of us without power, we are SO BLESSED.

This hurts.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 10:02 AM

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