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Thursday, September 01, 2005

There aren't words. Honestly.

As if the tragedy isn't horrific enough, that relief and rescue efforts are having to be halted to deal with the rampant lawlessness is mind-boggling. They are shooting at rescue helicopters!!!.

For some reason, the state decided we should come in to work today. I really don't think this the wisest of decisions - half the people aren't here (they're stranded somewhere), we aren't (obviously) doing any business, and a good number of people (myself included) are exhausted from living without power for days on end. People have lost homes and loved ones, property and possessions and we're working. State logic; go figure. It wouldn't have been a problem to keep us out until Monday.

But, in a way, it isn't so bad. It's something normal in a week where life seems to have halted and then been turned on its head. I'm here with lights, cold water, Internet access, and air conditioning. I'm getting work done. It feels blessedly normal - I have a feeling, though, that nothing is ever really going to feel "normal" again in these areas.

I keep hearing these stories, of people I know losing homes, losing everything - some don't even have a reason to come back to Louisiana. I know people that can't get in touch with family members who were in the path of the storm. I never imagined I'd see something like this; devastation of this magnitude.

And Biloxi. Waveland. Gulfport. Places near and around those, too. They are gone. There is nothing left. The only other way I could imagine recreating what those places look like now would be if you dropped a bomb on them. Biloxi is losing out on $50,000/day in revenue from the casinos; the casinos - not a one of them - made it. They're all gone, picked up by the storm surge and moved across the highway. It seems almost unreal.

Still processing all this. I'll come back with more later.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 7:13 AM

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