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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Today's Baton Rouge Traffic Alert Level is OFF THE FUCKING CHARTS!!

So I just had to share this interesting bad driver experience that just happened to me when I ran out to grab some lunch (which is why I normally don't leave my office for lunch).

I finish up my McDonald's visit, get my food and all, and pull up a bit to leave. But this is one of the McDonald's with the a sometimes-moving lane next to the drive-thru lane, so I stop and turn around to see if anyone is coming. People are; there are two vehicles - a big truck and a beat-up old blue minivan that is crawling.

No problem. So I inch forward a bit more as the truck passes me so that the guy behind me can get close enough to the window to get his food. As I'm stopping - and I'm talking I was inching - you could barely tell I was moving - the woman in the blue minivan lays on her horn at me and slams on her brakes (which wasn't very momentous since she was crawling, too). I wonder what the fuck her problem is - I'm sure not about to hit her, considering I'm at a dead stop. She passes me - ever so slowly - and is giving me the most evil pair of eyes imaginable.

I kind of shake my head at her, like, "What?!" and mouth "I saw you - I SEE YOU!" This seemed to make her angry - go figure, so she stopped again and started yelling out the rolled-down window (I doubt this van had a/c) and throwing her arm out - obviously gesticulating madly.

I'm thinking, this bitch is crazy. So I ignore her as I pull behind her and she crawls up to the exit - which exits into a parking lot. Then she stops. She just sits there and doesn't move. Another car comes up behind me and we're just sitting there, and I've about had it with this non-driving, psycho whore so I lay on the horn at her.

She inches forward just enough for me to get through (because I'm in a Miata - ha!) and as I turn right and speed off, she yells at me, "There's a newborn baby in here!!" And I SO wanted to yell back, "Then you should learn how to FUCKING DRIVE!"

Perhaps if she'd laid off the crack-pipe long enough to let a coherent thought pop into her empty head, she'd of realized that she and her newborn baby were in no real danger - and that the REAL danger was simply HER BEHIND THE WHEEL.

What a fucking dumbass.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 9:55 AM

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