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Sunday, October 16, 2005

As the weekend draws to a close, I find myself dreading the work week ahead.

Not that there's anything in particular going on, just that I find myself dreading my job all the time now.

Things came to a head with my boss last week; forgive me for not posting an update but I've been trying to make peace with it all in my own head. It's been a rough time.

Basically, I went over his head to his supervisor. I got fussed at because of that - and because of a few other things (all hypocritical, naturally) - but it got him off his ass and they're working on promotion now. Of course, with the budget cuts and huge dent Katrina and Rita have put in the state's revenues, I'm not foolish enough to think it's going to go through. He tries to say it's taking so long because it's such a huge jump (position and wage-wise), but it's a lie. Had they started on this when they were supposed to, the effects of the hurricanes wouldn't be a factor.

But for now I'm playing nice and playing along; seeing what's going to come of it. What else can you do? In some ways, I'm stuck. Looking for a job is not really an option in post-Katrina Baton Rouge (or the surrounding areas), and with my leg problems, I can't afford to leave the state - I need that awesome insurance. Like I said, all we can do is wait and see where it goes.

It's a miserable state, I'll admit. I don't like this - it's all so petty and ridiculous. I just want to go in, do my job - do it well - and come home. All these office politics and ego-trips make me sick.

Anyways, I've got so many great rants in my head. Hopefully things will slow down enough that I can get back to bitching about the world as I love to do. 'Til then...

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 4:00 PM

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