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Sunday, October 09, 2005

I have never in my life been the target of pure, unwarranted ill-will; not like this. It's like a punch in the gut.

I recently learned that the real reason feet have been dragged concerning my promotion is that my supervisor has been bad-mouthing me and spreading untruths about me to pertinent people. At first, the betrayal crushed me; I give my all on the job. Then I was furious; I cannot stand to be lied about. Now I'm ready to put him in his place; he has no idea that I have such caring allies.

In all of this, something wonderful has happened, too. Co-workers, who know the truth of the situation - that I work my ass off for hardly no pay and he doesn't do squat for his fat check - who have learned of his pettiness are going to bat for me. They are outraged, they are sick of his two-faced games - and they are taking the necessary steps to prove to the most important people in the agency that I am being done wrong. That means the world to me. As much as his selfish attacks left me feeling betrayed, their willingness to stand up and fight for me - when they didn't have to get involved at all - makes my heart weep with gratitude.

The man is selfish and self-centered, and afraid of my abilities. It would be one thing if I was the only one saying it; but it's obvious to everyone. What he doesn't realize is that people around the office constantly tell me, "When I want something done, I come to you - if we go to him, it never gets done." He underestimates my reputation, and that is going to be his downfall.

The nearly unbearable amount of stress and pain this has caused me this past week and weekend is finally clearing, and all of this has - in the end - done nothing but to make me stronger and determined to work even harder at proving my value to the agency. He will not hold me down any longer.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 5:50 AM

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