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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sisters Share Special Secrets

Tuesday evening my Mom and sister, Amber, took me out to dinner for my birthday and gave me my presents.

Mom gave me a beautiful dragonfly pin and a $100 gift certificate for (yes, I've already used it and got some awesome books that I've wanted for oh-so long!). How can you beat a present like that?!

My totally amazing sister put together the sweetest gift for me; honestly, it's one of the most touching and thoughtful and cool gifts I've ever received. Growing up, we were close friends - as all sisters should be - and we had our things that we always did and played at together. Each of the little gifts she gave me had a huge significance.

The first one I'm a little chagrined to admit, because, well, it's weird. But her remembering it was too cool not to mention. When we were young, a faved hobby was to take the Sears and JCPenny catalogs and drop, from varying heights, red markers onto the pages - to see if we could hit the models, and then it looked like blood. Okay, I said it was weird! We joke about it these days, "Why did we do that? We were so strange." So the first gift she gave me was a JCPenny catalog with ribbon wrapped around it, and a red Sharpie attached. Too cute.

As children, we had the same coloring books and would color the same page in each of our books and make our Mom judge whose was the best. So Amb bought me coloring books, and got the same books for herself and we had a coloring contest right there in my living room (Mom judged, she won).

We played Barbies possibly more than we did anything back then, and she bought me a Barbie and an extra set of stylish clothes for her. She'd also bought herself a Barbie, and we sat right there on the floor trying on the clothes and playing Barbies! How fun!

The last gift was probably the most creative. I opened a box with a beautiful, cameo-type broach inside and a printed note. In the note, Amb was telling me a story about it being bought an at antiques shop, and the people came back looking for took me 'til the second paragraph to get that she was referring to our favorite television show from back-in-the-day, Friday the 13th, The Series. It was a cute little story she'd made up, that tied in with the show. She said, "And if you want to return it," and handed me a business card. She'd made a "Curious Goods" business card complete with the actual address and telephone number of the shop from the show! It was too cool.

Seriously? I have the coolest damn sister in the world, and am blessed to have an equally cool family, all-around. Thank you, Amb, for that awesome, nostalgic trip down memory lane. Thank you, Mom, for the chance to, guiltlessly, go hog-ass-wild at! The best present of all is having family like you guys (yes, I know how cheesy that sounds, but it's freakin' true). I love you.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 6:33 AM

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