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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The weekend was wonderful, if not a bit hectic.

Friday night we went to my friend, Lauren's, for her birthday party - and to fix their computer. Saturday we went to Baret's friend's to watch the LSU game (and though I'm not that into football, I have to admit, it was a damn good game).

Sunday we got to relax (though I spent the better part of it recovering from a hangover), and I played some major World of Warcraft. I'm all into it again - letting go of my Sims 2 obsession, which is all I've been playing for a few months. In WoW, I have an Undead Warlock, Vitoria, I'm trying to get to 20 - she's 18 now so we're almost there.

It looks as if we're going to get our hours cut at work. Apparently most state agencies are going to cut 4 hours out of every work week (they have little choice since Blanco cut $341 million from state agencies to help with the hurricane debt) - that's 8 hours a paycheck. It's going to suck ass, but what are you going to do? You just don't realize how far-reaching the effects of these hurricanes can be until something like this happens. Things in Louisiana are going to be fucked for a long time to come.

Oh, and not to be a sell-out or anything, but note the little green & white link on the bottom right there? Totally awesome and affordable jewelry - and I only posted it and joined up because, holy shit, I love the damn site and thought some of you might, too. I've spent over $100 on jewelry so far - pretty insane when you consider it's all $5.99! But I can vouch for the pieces; I love everything I've gotten - the stones are real and the jewelry is truly lovely. I've never had "nice" jewelry; just the teenish-crap I bought at stores like Claire's and Icing. So, just thought I'd share.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 5:02 AM

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