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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Yes, I've been busy - but it isn't just that.

Honestly, I have so many things swirling around in my head that I WANT to get out, and post about, that I just can't seem to settle on one or stop my mind long enough to get even one down. So I'm in this sort of blogger-limbo. It does suck.

I figured the best way to kill it, was to just *write*. So here I am. Caution, it will likely be rambling and it probably won't make a lick of sense. Forgive me.

Hope everyone had a great winter-ish holiday, whichever your preferred one is. I got wonderful gifts, but that's due to the fact that I have a wonderful mother and an awesome sister who are like goddesses when it comes to gift-picking. Really, my sister, especially, should be the Patron Saint of Gift-Giving - Saint Amber.

To name a few of the awesome gifts I got - more for my own records than anything - was The Secret of NIMH DVD, Resident Evil 4 for the PS2, two great, new coffee table books, my 2006 Witch's Calendar (can't live without it), some cute Tinkerbell pajamas, and some really great clothes. Just so much cool stuff. I'm blessed.

There's more, oh there's so much more I need to say, want to say...but it's all jumbled up again. I'm no good this time of year - this lull between Xmas and New Year's.

But this is a good start, and hopefully I can force myself to post more, and get it all out - yes?

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 6:22 AM

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