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Friday, January 20, 2006

I'm sure you've all heard New Orleans' Mayor Nagin's little MLK-Day "chocolate" reference by now.

Sure, New Orleans will be a "chocolate" city again, but I think what upset most people is that Nagin was blatantly ignoring the fact that New Orleans is New Orleans because of the wonderful and eclectic mix of many ethnicites. New Orleans will be New Orleans again when it is filled with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana and everything in between once again.

I forgive him - he's under a lot of stress and he tends to say weird, outrageous things from time to time. A few misplaced words are the least of New Orleans worries right now.

Still, even I laughed my ass off when this Photoshop picture made its way into my Inbox; thought you'd get a chuckle, too.

Nagin's Chocolate New Orleans

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 3:16 PM

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