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Friday, January 27, 2006

Monday night, Baret and I, had a wonderful dinner out with a few members of my family: my Mom, my sister, my brother and his girlfriend (and, technically my little niece, even though she was napping in Amanda's stomach).

We - as always - had a wonderful time, laughing, gabbing and making fun of any and everything. There really are no boundaries with us; there's little we won't touch.

I noticed something while we were chatting, eating and giggling, though. It was my Mom. She didn't say all that much, now that I think about it, but rather sat there with this complacent, very peaceful "glow" about her. I caught her, a few times when I was talking, just staring at me with this smile on her face. She was just kind of watching all of us talk and interact, and .... smiling.

She was proud of us - of each of us - it was obvious. She was enjoying watching her three grown children talk and get along.

It almost made me want children. Ha ha.

But it was so cool, and I loved her so much right then - for noticing, for loving us so much, for being such an awesome mom. She wasn't perfect, who the hell is? But she did the best she could and she always put us first. She loved us - she still loves us - and she'd do anything for each for us. She made holidays and growing up fun; and for that I, and my brother & sister, are completely blessed.

It makes me realize what a kickass grandmother she's going to be. She's still young, still fun. That little niece of mine is going to have such a great family; I hope she knows what coolness she's about to be born into.

The coolest-in-the-world, wackiest great-grandpa anyone could ever ask for.

A young, fun, loving, yet strict grandmother who's going to color with her and, at the same time, give her some structure.

A goofy, drunk - yet fun - grandfather, who is going to fill her head with music trivia and bring her to every friend and family member's house in the known world to show her off.

A sharp, funny aunt who is absolutely amazing with children and will play with her for hours without ever getting bored and will dress her in cute, trendy outfits from the moment she pops out of the womb. Who doesn't want a funny, fun aunt who keeps you in style?

A wacky & kooky, warm, understanding aunt who's going to teach her the zodiac signs along with her ABC's, and pour as much esoteric knowledge into that little noggin as possible. She'll also probably sneak her booze when she's 13, too.

She's also going to have two loving and loveable parents - a sometimes aloof, but very intelligent father who's going to read her history books to put her to sleep and a sweet, doting mother who is going to spoil her rotten. She'll get love and knowledge from them. Mom will teach her to garden, and Dad will teach her how to load a gun (not that I approve, but -sigh- he will). Mom will play dress-up with her, and Dad will let her watch History Channel specials with him. When Mom's not around, he'll also let her listen to metal and will try to instill an appreciation in her of good, hard rock music. Mom will teach her to quilt, and Dad will let her play with his old Legos.

Yeah, she's gonna be a happy kid surrounded by love, music, and knowledge. Lucky little bitch.

And it's all - really - because my Mom raised three awesome kids into three totally cool adults. So, thanks, Mom.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 6:59 AM

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