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Monday, February 20, 2006

Guys, if you find that most girls online give you the cold shoulder when you try to chat them up understand that it's because 99% of the men that contact them are like this:

vishal_gets: hi
vamp_lynx: hi
vishal_gets: hi
vishal_gets: how r u ?

vamp_lynx: Ok.
vishal_gets: i am vishal
vishal_gets: 22m
vishal_gets: and u

vamp_lynx: All that info is on my profile. Didn't you look at it before you IM'ed me?
vishal_gets: ok
vishal_gets: what do u do ?

vamp_lynx: i work with computers.
vishal_gets: i am also
vishal_gets: i am computer eng & now i am network admin

vamp_lynx: Ok.
vishal_gets: u r looking so beuatiful
vishal_gets: after see ur profile

vamp_lynx: Ok, thanks.
vishal_gets: u r 28
vamp_lynx: Yes.
vamp_lynx: Brb
vishal_gets: hello
vishal_gets: are u busy ?

vamp_lynx: Don't you know what "brb" means?
vishal_gets: ya
vishal_gets: be right back

vamp_lynx: Well....why were you buzzing me?
vishal_gets: nothing

vamp_lynx: Nothing?
vishal_gets: i think u r busy so i buzzing u
vamp_lynx: I told you "brb"
vishal_gets: ok
vishal_gets: i told u "valy"

vamp_lynx: No you didn't.
vishal_gets: ok
vishal_gets: as u wish
vishal_gets: tell me about ur office time

vamp_lynx: What?
vishal_gets: i means whats office-time scedule ?
vamp_lynx: I work 8 hours a day, if that's what you are asking.
vishal_gets: ok
vishal_gets: valeria, are u in office ?

vamp_lynx: Not right now.
vishal_gets: ok
vishal_gets: valeria tell me something
vishal_gets: i am confuse

vamp_lynx: What?
vishal_gets: valeria, are u married ?
vamp_lynx: No.
vishal_gets: ok
vishal_gets: i am also
vishal_gets: nice to chat with u

vamp_lynx: Ok.
vishal_gets: have u any bf ?
vamp_lynx: Yes.
vishal_gets: ok
vishal_gets: but haven't any gf

vamp_lynx: Ok.
vishal_gets: do u want to make my gf ?
vamp_lynx: "Make my gf"? What does that mean?
vishal_gets: i mean do u want be my gf ?
vamp_lynx: Are you serious?
vishal_gets: i am realy serious
vishal_gets: because i need girl who understand me & i am undestand her
vishal_gets: all that thing u have

vamp_lynx: "All that things u have". You don't know me. Do you regularly ask complete strangers, who are already in a relationship, do be your girlfriend??
vishal_gets: i tell u truth
vamp_lynx: What truth? That you're weird?
vishal_gets: no
vishal_gets: i am not

vamp_lynx: You are asking a complete stranger to be your girlfriend - one that you've talked to all of 5 minutes. Yes, that is weird.
vishal_gets: i am sure that i havent any gf
vamp_lynx: So?
vamp_lynx: Go find one - don't pick up strangers online, weirdo.
vishal_gets: because if u think
vishal_gets: i am not that type of person who cheat other

vamp_lynx: I think that I have a boyfriend and I don't KNOW you.
vamp_lynx: I don't cheat either - but you're asking me to!
vishal_gets: ok
vishal_gets: just forget about it & lets chat

vamp_lynx: What is wrong with you?
vishal_gets: u know i havent any luck
vamp_lynx: It has nothing to do with luck. Maybe you try hitting on people you know, from your own country, who aren't attached. Just a thought.
vishal_gets: i never get love in my life
vamp_lynx: Perhaps because you're going about it in the wrong way.
vishal_gets: so tell me that whay
vishal_gets: what am i doing ?

vamp_lynx: Here's a few tips: 1) Meet a real person and get to know them first, 2) Be in the same country, it helps and 3) Don't ask people that already are in a relationship. This should be pretty obvious.
vishal_gets: thanks
vamp_lynx: I mean, you didn't think of any of that???
vishal_gets: u r my best friend
vamp_lynx: Um, no I'm not.
vishal_gets: but whats proble have u
vamp_lynx: That doesn't make any sense.
vishal_gets: plz
vishal_gets: only u which solve my problem

vamp_lynx: What??
vamp_lynx: Your English is getting steadily worse.
vishal_gets: ya
vishal_gets: but try my best

vamp_lynx: I see.
vishal_gets: valeria tell me that what am i doing to get girl ?
vamp_lynx: I don't know - try not doing it online with people from other countries.
vishal_gets: i never try in online
vamp_lynx: You just did
vishal_gets: but i only know that i love u
vishal_gets: if u belive or not
vishal_gets: in our india nobody cheat their gf as compare to ur country

vamp_lynx: You DO NOT love me, crazy man!
vamp_lynx: You're asking ME to cheat on MY boyfriend, stupid!
vishal_gets: i love u because i like foreginer
vishal_gets: i like ur face
vishal_gets: but why ?
vishal_gets: i am looking young ,smart & cheerful

vamp_lynx: I have a boyfriend. I don't know you.
vamp_lynx: I don't like you.
vamp_lynx: I sure as hell don't love you.
vamp_lynx: We've been talking all of five minutes.
vishal_gets: plz dont break my hert
vamp_lynx: I'm not.
vishal_gets: ok
vamp_lynx: You are breaking your own heart with your weird thoughts of "love".
vishal_gets: ok foerget about it
vamp_lynx: Not a problem.
vishal_gets: do u intrest in ssex ?
vamp_lynx: What?
vishal_gets: i means, have u ever enjoy sex in ur life ?
vamp_lynx: That's none of your business.
vamp_lynx: I'm leaving for work now. Goodbye.
vishal_gets: noooooooooooo
vamp_lynx: Yeah, I have to work.
vishal_gets: hello
vamp_lynx: No, goodbye.
vishal_gets: plz
vamp_lynx: Bye
vishal_gets: i never asking again
vishal_gets: i am not that type person
vishal_gets: plz
vishal_gets: dont go

vamp_lynx: I HAVE TO GO TO WORK
vishal_gets: tell me that when to me again
vishal_gets: plz

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 6:37 AM

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