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Sunday, March 12, 2006

It Was This Big Let me preface this by saying that I have a tendency - when I'm relaxing at home with Baret and feeling silly - to sing-song out random phrases and make weird noises. The happier I am, or the more caffeine I've had, the worst this becomes. Blame it on the A.D.D.

My strange call-outs are not something I ever intended to share with the world, but it's truly the only way I can explain to you how Baret and I got onto the subject of duck dicks, and, therefore, duck sex.

After downing nearly half of my English Breakfast tea this morning, and feeling giddy at the fact that I'm no longer achey and sweaty with fever, I was being even more than my usual, silly self and I yelled across the room to Baret, "Suck a duck!" To which I then added, "Suck a duck's dick!"

Don't ask why - this is just me - accept it.

Baret then said, "I wonder what a duck's dick looks like. Google it."

Yet neither of us were prepared for the image you see floating over there on the left.

I was intrigued, to say the least, and began reading up on the mating rituals of these large-membered ducks (which are Argentine lake ducks, if you must know).

One researcher believes they may use this long appendage to "lasso" the female duck, who is often resistant to mating. Honestly - how could I not share this information?

And this is no Internet joke, folks. That's a real duck schlong, and this info comes from none other than National Geographic. I know it's all a bit twisted (this info, not his cock), but admit it - this is oddly interesting information.

The researchers did point out that this duck had a particularly larger-than-normal penis - they know this because most Argentine ducks are only about 8" long! Only. Right.

Not to fear, gentleman. The ladies aren't going to think you inadequate because you can't measure up to the Argentine lake duck. Big is nice - but no woman has ever wanted to be lassoed by her man's penis.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 5:14 AM

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