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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Spring snuck up on me! While I was cooped up in the house recovering from the flu, Spring happened. When I stepped out of my house to go to work this morning (first time in over a week), I was delighted to feel the warmer air, see the plants blossoming, and green leaves appearing on the trees. Nothing quite refreshes my soul like the coming of Spring.

Though I probably would've stayed home and in bed if I knew what would be facing me when I came in today. Before 9am, I'd already had a wacked-out hard drive and a dead motherboard. Very nice.

I'm working on the hard drive - trying to save the data. The motherboard has to be called in (thank goodness they're under warranty). There's tons of other catch-up work and I honestly haven't stopped since I unlocked my office (actually, there was someone asking for help before I even had the key in the door).

Then I get an email from an employee having a problem (the problem being that he can't figure out how to use his email program, even though we've sat down with him one-on-one numerous times). I give him some instructions to follow and writes me back saying "I get a box labled blah & blah". Since this isn't what he should be seeing, and isn't related to the instructions I sent, I have to respond back with, "You get a box where?"

His response?

"On my screen."

I'm not sure if he's trying to be cute, or he's really that daft. With this one, could be either one.

Don't you wish you had my job?


He told on me! When I responded back saying, "I'm aware it's on your screen but I need to know what you're clicking and where", he apparently got miffed and went to the #1 and complained about me. You'd think I'd be upset, right? No, I'm used to the petty, immature bullshit that goes on around here.

So the #1 came to me and asked if I'd go down and personally look at it. The #1 was aggravated at him - not me - and I asked him if I could please, first, finish working on this busted hard drive. Because this employee can't work at all - can't do squat with no computer, and to me, that's a bigger priority. As far as I know, the other employee is working just fine; he's just "confused".

He said ok, but I know he wanted me to go down right away. And you know what? I could have, in all honesty. I'm running diagnostics and chkdsk on the drive and it takes awhile to complete; currently I'm just looking up some info on it. But I refuse to be pushed around by these moronic, pompous asses. Yes, the employee in question is one of the highest ups. Yet, is it my fault he isn't qualified to do his job? No.

I will help him - don't get me wrong - but I won't run down there at his beck and call *for no good reason* when I'm busy working on real problems that are actually affecting someone's work. I won't. And I feel sorry for the #1 because he has to listen to their whining, but I just can't make myself cater to immature and stupid people. I can't. I know that's not the best work ethic, but working in this enviroment - with all the bullshit, favortisim and politics that go on daily - has murdered my work ethic.

Which is why I'm seriously thinking about looking for a different job.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 8:11 AM

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